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Brooklyn Nets Extend Relationship With Fashion Brand 華人青年(WAH YAN CHING NIN)

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The Brooklyn Nets have extended their sponsorship alliance with fashion brand 華人青年 (WAH YAN CHING NIN) through a multi-year partnership, which follows fan enthusiasm for the brand during the Nets’ 2023 Chinese New Year game. As part of the partnership, 華人青年 (WAH YAN CHING NIN) will continue to present the Nets’ annual Chinese New Year game and will also create a series of co-branded merchandise collections with the Nets, inspired by streetstyle fashion, basketball, and Brooklyn. These collections will be released throughout the upcoming season for the Brooklyn Nets, with an initial team store release during late September. In addition to being sold in the team’s store at Barclays Center, items from the 華人青年 (WAH YAN CHING NIN) collaborations will be sold at a second pop-up retail location on the main concourse of Barclays Center during Nets home games.